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A week of action: Uluru Statement

This week (22-26 March 2021) is the Uluru Statement University Week of Action.

Many Australian universities have already pledged their support for the Uluru Statement. But our voices must be louder if they are to be heard by the government. Right now, the Australian Government is having consultation for their Interim Voice Report.

So it’s important for other universities, organisations and community members to lend their voices in support. The Uluru Statement has designed a week of action over five days. The goal is to help you make a submission in response to the Interim Voice Report.

This week of action includes three key actions and special events such as a webinar on Tuesday 23 March with Professor Megan Davis, Dr Dani Larkin and Eddie Synot. 

Action one: Monday 22 March

Accept the invitation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart by endorsing the call for a First Nations Voice to parliament protected by the Constitution and signing up as a supporter. 

Follow @UluruStatement on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

Action two: Wednesday 24 March

Watch one of these educational videos from the Uluru Statement from the Heart website. 

Read the submission guidelines on the Interim Voice Report. 

Action Three: Friday 26 March

Write your submission

The Uluru Statement team recommend basing your submission on the following key points:

  1. The Government must honour its election commitment to a referendum once a model for the Voice has been settled; 
  2. Enabling legislation for the Voice must be passed after a referendum has been held in the next term of Parliament; and 
  3. The membership model for the National Voice must ensure previously unheard Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have the same chance of being selected as established leadership figures.

But remember to write from the heart, in your own words. Personalised submissions are far more impactful than copy and paste jobs.

Top image: nosha, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
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