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Common Ground is Truth Telling initiative that shares the cultures and histories of Australia's First peoples.

The Common Ground Movement

A movement across Australia to mobilise Australians to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, history and lived experiences in a process of truth telling and healing across our nation.

We are currently consulting with people across Australia to develop resources to allow grassroots groups to connect and take the common ground message further.

Watch this space

How we work

We work with Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander people across the country to capture and share stories, create learning material for wider Australia

We share stories

that reflect the diversity and strength of First Australian people

We create education based tools

that allow Australians to learn and connect with our First Australians

We mobilise people

to celebrate and embrace our First Australians

Our Values


We listen closely, invite diverse perspectives, and treat each other and our partners with respect and compassion.


We actively engage others to share existing work and ensure we can amplify the impact we are seeking to achieve


Diversity in perspectives, experience and leadership is powerful. We actively surround ourselves with people from diverse backgrounds


We dedicate ourselves to the highest standards, nothing short of continual  improvement will help us effect the change we seek.

Join us, and change the future for Australia

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