Common Ground draws from First Nations community strength, creativity and innovation to achieve incredible reach and impact.

We place First Nations community at the centre of everything we do. This way of working ensures our impact aligns with community aspirations.

In 2021

70+ First Nations people contributed to Common Ground
3.3 million people saw our content
60+ things to read, watch and listen to
240,000 students used our resources
Walmajarri and Nyikina artist Edwin Mulligan, 2021

first nations bedtime stories

206k people participated in First Nations Bedtime Stories

First Nations Bedtime Stories strengthened participants’ understanding and connection to First Nations people and knowledge by 230%

Art by Carmen Glynn-Braun , 2021


Dreamy hit #2 ON SPOTIFY AU/NZ lifestyle and health podcasts

90% of people that listened to Dreamy said it helped connect them to Country