Common Ground is a small team. We're counting on your continued support and solidarity.

When you donate you’re investing in projects that:

Pay First Nations people and Elders for their time and knowledge

Record First Nations stories in new and innovative ways

Create resources for teachers to safely bring First Nations cultures into classrooms

Build stronger relationships and stronger futures – grounded in justice, care and reciprocity

With Common Ground's support we were able to capture five First Law stories for our community. We recorded across 250 kilometers of remote Country, amongst pandanas and boab trees, filming under the moonlight of Giridin. These stories were brought into modernity, and will forever be held.
Marlikka Perdrisat
I am blessed to [have] spent the past several days with the Common Ground team and Creators Circle. I've never believed in myself as much as I did when encouraged by this team of amazing First Nations People. I am a storyteller. This has always been my calling.
Creators Circle participant
Thank you for such a great initiative. Was very useful in giving our students an authentic connection, especially during Covid-19 restrictions when we were unable to invite local community members into the school to share culture.
Primary School Teacher