21 - 25 October 2024
5 dreaming stories 5 days

First Nations Bedtime Stories is an annual week of storytelling. It brings Dreaming stories as old as time into homes and classrooms around Australia.


Every year Common Ground works with different First Nations creatives and communities to film five Dreaming stories. The films are shared online, and people come together to watch them over five days.


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Dr Anne Poelina, 2021

First Nations Bedtime Stories is for everyone.

Young and older, families and schools, or even workplaces. It’s a time for all people to come together on a journey towards deeper connection and understanding. To learn from and celebrate First Nations cultures and the profound wisdom they hold.

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Jack Steele and Uncle Neil Ingram on Wiradjuri Country, 2022
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Doreen McCormack Mokarange and family, 2020

Educational resources

Common Ground works with teachers to develop comprehensive educational resources to accompany the films. The resources will help you guide safe and informative learning with the young people in your life, whether you’re a parent, an Early Childhood educator or a Primary School teacher.

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