Megan Krakouer


Megan Krakouer is a Menang person of the Noongar Nation. Megan is a renowned activist, prominent social justice advocate and arbitrator for the voiceless, and law reformer. Megan is the Director of the National Suicide Prevention and Trauma Recovery Project (NSPTRP), Director (Wagyl Kaip) of the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council and holds a Bachelor of Laws from Deakin University. Foremost Megan, the 13th child of 13 siblings, praises her late stalwarts, Dad and Mum, for who she is today. Throughout her life, Megan has advocated and fought for those who are most marginalised and vulnerable. Megan’s advocacy is relentlessly aimed at platforming those who are unheard and 'un-listened' to.

You can find Megan Krakouer on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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Wiradjuri, Ngemba & Paakantji

Rona is a proud Kaytetye woman from Central Australia who works with high impact organisations to create systems that centre First Nations people, knowledge and solutions.

Rona is the founder of Common Ground and brings 7 years 
of professional experience working across First Nations organisations and not for profits. Rona was previously the Director of First Nations at YLab, a social enterprise that puts young people with diverse lived experiences at the centre of designing and developing innovative and impactful solutions 
to complex social issues. Over her career, Rona has worked in policy at the Central Land Council, the Research Unit for Indigenous Languages at the University of Melbourne, Reconciliation Victoria, and the Foundation for Young Australians.In 2020, Rona was a finalist for the Victorian Young Achiever awards, was awarded a Westpac Social Change Fellowship. In 2019 Rona won a Diana Award and was named a 'Woman of the Future'  by Women's Weekly.Through her work with First Nations communities across Australia, Rona aims to create future systems that centre First Nations people, knowledge and cultures.Rona currently resides in Mpartnwe on Arrernte Country.