We acknowledge all First Peoples of this land and celebrate their enduring connections to Country, knowledge and stories. We pay our respects to Elders and Ancestors who watch over us and guide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

This space contains images, voices and stories from people that have passed away.



Dreamy is a collection of sleep stories created by First Nations storytellers. ​These soothing tales will help people of all walks of life to quiet their minds, connect with our land, and drift off into dream. First Nations people are the original storytellers.

Sleep matters

But our worries often feel loudest when the world around us is quiet. Scrolling through social media is an easy distraction, ​but the further we scroll, the further we get from a restful night’s sleep.​​

​​Thankfully, sleep stories can help to reduce screen time and unhook our minds from the what ifs and the if onlys.​​The stars you sleep under tonight are the same stars that First Nations people have told stories beneath for millennia. ​

Close your eyes and journey with us through lands of awe and wonder – lands that, for First Nations storytellers, are never far away.

As a an organisation, Common Ground amplifies First Nations voices, embeds First Nations knowledge in key systems, and delivers cultural strengthening projects that harness the power of storytelling.
Dreamy brings together all of these things, creating new ways to share First Nations knowledge, storytelling and creativity with the rest of the world.

First Nations people are the original storytellers.

check out the series at www.dreamysleep.com.au

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